Overwatch Event Pages


Michelle Chen (Design Owner)
Laura Tran (PM)
Megan Chang (Engineer)
Timothy Biley (QA)


February 2022


Overwatch events are one of the most highly anticipated parts of playing the game. Through special events, players can dive into new game modes, earn rewards, and unlock new collectibles. Our team was tasked to provide a place on the web for players to learn more about each upcoming event.

Code of Violence Event

Almost a year since the destruction of the Overwatch Swiss headquarters, the memory of the life Gabriel Reyes once led has become little more than a prelude to his new tale of violent vengeance. As he deploys on a critical Talon mission with his fellow operative, Sombra, Reyes ponders the cruel path that twisted him into the justice-hungry revenant he has become: Reaper.


Identifying the necessary deliverables.


With each event, there is a list of necessary deliverables for our web team to deliver. These include desktop, tablet, mobile designs, banners for the homepage, and an open graph image.


Utilizing the creative brief to generate a theme.


We were given a snippet of the event trailer and a variety of renders and backgrounds of Reaper and darker maps as inspiration for the theme of the Code of Violence event page.


With the assets, I was able to spin up various layouts for the different sections on the page based on the Overwatch style guide. I played around with the alignments of text, swapped in various assets, and defined a color palette based on the assets.


Iterating based on stakeholder and team feedback.


We went through three rounds of reviews with our stakeholders from Creative Services, Publishing, and Marketing to see if the page matched their perception of how we want to advertise the Code of Violence event. Some feedback we received early on included:

1. Are we able to go with a dark theme for the page?

2. Can we utilize more red, purple, and blue tones to match the ominous smoke in the event trailer?


Celebrating and building hype for Overwatch events.


The event pages have continuously been a great way to celebrate each upcoming Overwatch event and to help players learn more about the different aspects of the event.

We were able to deliver a smooth launch for the Reaper event, drive game conversion rates, and loot box purchases.

Remix Anniversary Event

Using the same template and design process, I also worked on the Remix Anniversary Event.

Event Description

Cheers to six years of worldwide payload-pushing, high-intensity battlefield brawls, and a fight for the future that’s just beginning. To celebrate the final installment of this three-part event series, we’re unlocking the skin vault and bringing back even more gear you might have missed out on–with an exclusive twist. Flex on your foes in style with limited looks like Tagged Tracer, Varsity D.Va, Genjiman Genji, and more.

Mood Board & Deliverables


As my first project working on the Overwatch pod team, I really enjoyed the process of theming the event pages. These ended up being the last two events before the launch of Overwatch 2 so it was exciting to have the opportunity to work on this project before events disappeared from the game. I also loved the experience of strengthening my visual design skills in this project.